12.11 COVID-19 Bulletin: Gyms & Salons Can Reopen; New Zone Designations Coming Monday 

Governor Cuomo Announced Today Gyms & Salons Can Reopen; New Zone Designations Coming Monday 

The Governor provided more details on New York’s COVID-19 Winter Plan today.  The Governor said new Red, Orange, and Yellow Zone designations will be announced this coming Monday following the most recent review of data over the weekend.   

He also announced: 

  • Gyms and salons in WNY’s Orange Zone can reopen at 25% capacity under new testing requirements.  These industries were forced to shut their doors under the previous mandated closures in an Orange Zone. 
  • The state is continuing to review the possibility of allowing indoor dining in Orange Zones.   
  • The state will extend the eviction moratorium for commercial tenants. 
  • Zone designations will now be determined based on a combination of infection rate, transmission rate, and hospital capacity in each geographic region.   
  • 74% of new cases in NYS are the result of household gatherings. 
  • Hospitalization rates in NYS are climbing dramatically, although ICU admission, intubation, death, and median length of stay rates are lower than they were in the spring thanks to advances in treatment. 
  • The rate of transmission is up in NYS with 1 person infecting 1.3 people on average. 
  • The data continues to show schools pose low infection risk compared to the surrounding community. 


The BNP will provide updates on new Red, Orange, and Yellow Zone designations on Monday.   

Employers are reminded that they must follow all industry specific re-opening guidelines as has been the case for the last several months.  Those guidelines can be found here.   




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