With only 1 week left – Why you still need to sign up for the Mega-Region event

The who, what, where, when and how of our premier CanAm gathering.

We are only one week away from our first-ever Unleashing the Power of the Mega-Region event. With over 150 attendees registered, we are getting excited to host the premier cross-border business development event of the year focusing on utilizing our strategic location to create more economic opportunities on the American and Canadian sides of the Great Lakes Mega-Region.

In order to make this event a true cross-border experience, we have partnered with the following organizations from both Canada and the United States:

  • Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce – Canadian
  • Hamilton Chamber of Commerce – Canadian
  • Enabling Ideas – Canadian
  • Canadian Small Business Women – Canadian
  • Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition – American
  • Infotech WNY – American
  • Innovate Niagara – Canadian
  • Invest Buffalo Niagara – American
  • Niagara County Industrial Development Agency – American
  • Niagara Region – Canadian
  • Small Business Development Center – Niagara – American
  • S. Department of Commerce – American
  • World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara – Canadian

With the help of these partners, we have over 40 Canadian companies (87 individuals) registered to attend.

What is the Great Lakes Mega-Region?
The Great Lakes Mega-Region extends from Western New York to Wisconsin and encompasses parts of Ontario and Quebec. As the largest international mega-region between the United States and Canada, it boasts a population of over 55 million people. With a $2 trillion economy, the region is economically larger than that of the New York metropolitan area and equivalent to that of Tokyo, Japan.

MRWhy is this important for our region?
Despite the economic stature of the Mega-Region, most local businesses fail to see how their physical location can be an economic asset. To take full advantage of the economic potential of the Mega-Region, Buffalo Niagara and southern Ontario companies need to look beyond the border and realize the growth opportunities that present themselves across the river. By crossing the border, a company has the opportunity to enter a marketplace that has the potential to reach a population of over 120 million as well as most of the largest cities on the east coast, including New York, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, DC, Baltimore, and Detroit.

How will attending the event help my company?
This event is bringing businesses from both sides of the border together in an effort to look beyond the challenges of a bi-national economy and seize on the opportunity the Mega-Region economy offers.

Not only will attendees hear from our renowned keynote speaker, CEO of Nadja Foods, Nadja Piatka, they will also have the opportunity for direct networking and to participate in facilitated table talk discussions. Designed to connect businesses from different industries interested in doing business together, these talks offer the setting to learn firsthand how to take advantage of cross-border opportunities while allowing attendees to make over 25 new business connections.

In addition, the topics discussed during the table talk sessions will be used to develop a white paper aimed at addressing the concerns of the bi-national business community. This paper will be shared with all attendees, so they can better approach their cross-border business opportunities.

Plus, after the event, each attendee will receive a directory that contains the contact details of those who came to the event.  With this in hand, attendees will be able to capitalize on the connections made at the event and continue to the discussion well afterwards.

How can you say no to making new connections and learning about business opportunities within the region?

Don’t miss out.

Now is your last chance to register for this unique cross-border event. Don’t miss out on taking the first step in making your business a player on the international stage.

For more information, please visit our registration page or contact Catherine Muth at cmuth@thepartnership.org or by phone at 716-541-1739

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