Peace Bridge improvements to start this summer

If you haven’t already heard, major improvements to the tune of about $80 million are planned at the Peace Bridge, beginning this summer.

Thanks to the improvements, in three years you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • A leisurely stroll or bike ride across the bridge, as new pedestrian walkways will be up to eight feet wide
  • Overhead electronic signs that will better manage the flow of traffic
  • A new observation platform that will boast breath-taking views of the Niagara River
  • New railings, curbs and historic lighting
  • A fourth lane entering Canada
  • A new bridge deck, minimizing lane restrictions now occurring as a result of deck repairs

According to the Peace Bridge Authority, there will be no traffic impacts in 2015, as all lanes will be operational while the fourth lane is being constructed.

Even the bridge re-decking, scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016, will have limited impact as the winter months see the lowest bridge traffic volumes.

The Peace Bridge Authority has committed to having all lanes operational for the summer of 2017.

Flickr: dougtone

Flickr: dougtone

“Starting in July, a fourth lane will be added entering Canada thereby expediting the speed at which trucks can get off the bridge and into their respective booths for inspection.” said the Facilities Manager at the Peace Bridge Authority, Anthony D. Braunscheidel. “ Further, it provides additional capacity when we do begin the re-decking project”

“We also want to make it as pedestrian- and bike-friendly as possible and the enhancements we are talking about will do exactly that,” added Vice Chairman Sam Hoyt.

I had the chance to speak to Ron Rienas from the Peace Bridge about the expected changes and wait times.

“While the Peace Bridge is in great condition structurally and can easily handle the traffic volumes, it is 88 years old and needs a new deck. This created the opportunity to do other complimentary projects that will really enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the bridge,” shared Rienas.

To see renderings and learn more about the proposed changes and implications, read this release from the Peace Bridge Authority.

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