To Be Heard, Great Lakes Region Must Stick Together

There is no denying the economic power of the Great Lakes region.

Did you know the Great Lakes region…

  • Supports 31% of the U.S. population and 62% of Canada’s population
  • Generates 35% of all U.S.-Canada trade
  • Provides 40% of U.S. manufacturing employment and 35% of U.S. manufacturing output
  • Produces 28% of all U.S. exports

Despite these impressive numbers, the region has suffered from years of population loss and economic stagnation.  Things are turning around, but more must be done to keep the Great Lakes region competitive and growing in a global economy. And to accomplish this work, the 12 states and two provinces of the Great Lakes region must stick together and advocate collectively.  That is where the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition (GLMCC) comes in.Great-Lakes-Metro-Chambers-Coalition

Comprised of nearly 40 chambers representing more than 150,000 businesses, the GLMCC works to leverage the region’s historic strengths in manufacturing, research, and innovation to maximize investment and job creation.  The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is a proud founding member of the GLMCC.

Earlier this month, I traveled to Washington, DC with Grant Loomis, the Partnership’s Vice President for Government Affairs, to storm Capitol Hill with our GLMCC colleagues to push our agenda aimed at boosting the Great Lakes economy.  Our two day trip included a total of 38 meetings with members of Congress from Great Lakes states, encouraging them to support specific legislation and critical investments in water quality, harbor maintenance, and clean fossil fuel technologies. The GLMCC has prepared a legislative brief detailing each of these important issues.

With a successful visit to Washington, DC completed, the GLMCC, in conjunction with the Partnership, will continue to promote its advocacy objectives to ensure the strength of the Great Lakes Region economy.

Interested in learning more about the Buffalo Niagara Partnership or the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition? Contact Catherine Muth with any questions or comments.

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