Council Boat Tour: Cross-Border Business Networking

The water that divides America and Canada became a meeting point for business executives from both sides of the border earlier this month.  Members of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s CanAm Council joined members of our three industry councils and members of the Greater Niagara and Hamilton chambers of commerce on a boat tour of the Buffalo Harbor.

While the tour focused on the present-day industry, commerce, and development occurring on the city’s waterways, it also offered a unique opportunity for our members to meet and network with our new associate members from across the border. This opportunity falls under our Strategic Agreements with the Canadian chambers, which gives Partnership members the ability to consistently connect with Canadian business representatives to expand their network across the border, allowing them to take advantage of the economy of the larger Mega-Region. 

During the tour, our team sat down with key Canadian attendees to understand their motives for attending the tour and why the possibility of increased cross-border networking excites them.

Watch the video to hear more: