CanAm Chamber Agreements Extended Three Years

At the end of March, teams from the regional chambers of commerce in Hamilton, the Niagara Region in Ontario and Buffalo Niagara convened for strategic planning discussions on maximizing the value of our truly unique binational agreement.  Each chamber recognizes the exciting opportunity we collectively have to facilitate the growth of a economic region that spans the border of the world’s largest trading partners.

We are excited to announce that we have decided to extend the strategic agreements between the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and each chamber in Ontario for a further three years.  What this means for you is that, as members of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, you automatically receive associate memberships of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce.  Likewise, members of those chambers, not headquartered in the Buffalo Niagara Region, have associate member benefits at the Partnership through 2020.

CanAm Chambers Meeting

Over the next several months, department leaders at each chamber will be exploring additional ways to make this agreement work for our members…

  • How else can we facilitate more business connections?
  • What are opportunities for increased visibility and exposure for companies looking to expand across the border?
  • How can we strengthen our collective advocacy on things like NAFTA and border regulations?
  • How can we grow our brand and sense of pride in being a part of one of North America’s largest, binational megaregions?

If you have thoughts, please attend our upcoming CanAm Meeting on April 25 or contact me at


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