A Joint Push for a New U.S. Peace Bridge Plaza

U.S. Plaza at Peace BridgeCongressman Chris Collins (NY-27) and Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) are joining forces in a renewed push for a new U.S. Peace Bridge plaza.  In a recently released letter, the two congressmen are calling on the federal government’s General Services Administration to put the planning and development of a new U.S. plaza on the “front burner.”

“The current U.S. plaza is a disgrace and an embarrassment,” said Congressman Higgins.  “These improvements will establish a gateway to the United States which is open, orderly and attractive, with new landscaping, decorative lighting and smoother traffic flow.”

Higgins and Collins believe new technology being jointly pursed by both U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority make the conditions right to move the long-stalled project forward.

Peace Bridge at night“We must prioritize the strong economic partnership between the U.S. and Canada, which means finding workable solutions to delays at the Peace Bridge,” said Congressman Collins. “Investing in these new technologies will speed up the flow of traffic so that goods and resources can flow more efficiently between our two nations.”

The Buffalo-area congressmen believe a new U.S. plaza will reduce wait times, create additional economic opportunity between the U.S. and Canada, curb pollution from idling vehicles and enhance security at the international crossing.

To learn more about the proposed enhancements to the U.S. Plaza, click HERE.


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