Seneca Gaming Corporation embraces Buy Local Challenge

Buying local enables the growth of our regional economy and provides the opportunity for local businesses to come together and form new relationships.

The Partnership is committed to growing the regional economy, which is why we encourage our members to participate in the Buy Local Challenge.

To honor and recognize the companies that participated, we are featuring the Partnership member that made the largest purchase through the Buy Local Challenge this year: Seneca Gaming Corporation.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Catharine Walker, CEO of Seneca Gaming Corporation, to learn more about their commitment to buying local.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Cathy! We are proud to recognize Seneca Gaming Corporation for being the Partnership member that made the largest purchase through the Buy Local Challenge, contributing over $1 million to our local economy! We want to know what inspired Seneca Gaming Corp. to complete the challenge?

A: Last year, Seneca Gaming Corporation spent $46 million within 30 miles of our property and over $100 million in the Western New York region. We understand that buying local makes good business sense and spurs economic development in the region.

SRC_2C_PMSQ: Is there any difference between your efforts in local sourcing between last year and this year?

A: We focus on the proximity of our vendors and the great service they provide. That is what gives us a better product because I think that local businesses care more.

These are people that I see frequently; it isn’t someone you just get an email from once a month and I think that is what is the difference – it’s the people. They take great pride in their business and that shows through in their service.

Q: What do you look forward to gaining through participation in the Buy Local Challenge other than the knowledge that your action helps to grow the local economy?

A: We look forward to learning about the community. Through the challenge, we learn about other companies in the area that we can do business with, as they may have products that we need. It’s about learning more about what is out there, and that translates to being able to buy more from local companies.

Q: That’s great to hear, as that is definitely our hope — for companies to realize the wide array of talent and resources that are locally available. Can you please describe the local purchase you made? From what business did you buy from?

A: We put out a request for proposal (RFP) to local and nationally recognized advertising firms last fall. Prior to that RFP, our agency of record was not in Western New York.

Choosing a company to work with was an extensive process, as we reviewed sample products and qualifications and brought them in for interviews. Ultimately, we selected The Martin Group. We believe that The Martin Group provided an excellent advertising product and great service.

buy local logoIt’s so much easier when you can meet in person to discuss something. They are at our offices, or we go to theirs, probably four times a week at a minimum. The face-to-face communication has helped tremendously in our ability to execute our advertising and media plans.

Q: I couldn’t agree more. So, do you have any message you’d like to share with the community or your fellow Partnership members to encourage them to follow suit?

A: I really hope that others in the community will take advantage of learning about our experience and that of the other companies that participated in the challenge because there are so many terrific vendors in this community that we need to support.

We encourage you to show your commitment to our regional economy by completing the Buy Local Challenge.

Any questions? Contact Jennifer Lauria