Buy Local bandwagon: Harris Beach

Buying local enables the growth of our regional economy and provides the opportunity for local businesses to come together and form new relationships.

The first Partnership member to complete the Buy Local Challenge for 2014 is Harris Beach PLLC.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Teresa Bair, Partner at Harris Beach PLLC, to learn more about their commitment to local sourcing.

Q: The Partnership was so excited to receive your Buy Local form and learn that Harris Beach feels passionately about buying local. My first question is pretty obvious: what inspired your company to complete the Buy Local Challenge?

buy local logoA: At Harris Beach, we believe in the mission of the Buy Local Challenge and its ability to create a stronger business climate.

If more businesses filled out the form, valuable business relationships would be created because companies would learn about all of the available local companies. Those types of relationships help the community in general.

Q: I agree. What do you look forward to gaining through participation in the Buy Local Challenge?

A: We really view the Buy Local Challenge as an avenue to spur business growth locally, and we think that participating in it is just one small way of doing that.

I’m a member of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Buy Local Advisory Group, which is comprised of about 10-15 people in the business community from all different industries. We meet periodically to discuss the Buy Local Challenge and how we can foster more growth for our local business community.

As a part of the advisory group, I’m able to take the ideas that we discuss at our meetings and bring them to my firm to discuss ways that Harris Beach can make additional contributions to the local business community.

harris beach buffalo
Harris Beach – Buffalo office; Larkin at Exchange

Q: Could you describe the purchase you made locally?

A: We purchased toner from a business on Seneca Street called QLS Soutions Group, Inc.

The purchase we made is a perfect example of how the Buy Local Challenge allows for two local businesses to meet each other. It encourages businesses to purchase from places they might not have before, which creates a relationship and a new connection among local businesses.

Q: We completely agree! Do you have a message to encourage other companies to follow suit?

A: We believe that the Buy Local Challenge is great because it’s meaningful to the local business community and it’s so easy!

It takes five minutes to go online and complete the challenge and there’s no reason not to do it.

Even the small act of making one purchase from a local business is helpful because it creates that relationship and introduction. If all local businesses engaged in it, there would be a lot of local business activity occurring, which wouldn’t have otherwise happened if not for the Buy Local Challenge.

We definitely encourage everyone to do it because it will only serve to bring together and strengthen our regional business climate!

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership wants to thank Harris Beach for their commitment to buying local, and we encourage you to follow suit!

Show your commitment to our regional economy by completing the Buy Local Challenge. Any questions? Contact Jennifer Lauria