Shantina Addison, 2021 BN360 Spotlight Professional

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is pleased to present the 2021 BN360 Spotlight Professionals.

Each year, BN360 highlights up-and-coming young professionals who strive for professional growth and development, care for their community, and are passionate about the future of the Buffalo Niagara region.

Shantina Addison

Assistant Director of Graduate & Special Programs Enrollment | Daemen College

Starting at Daemen College as a graduate admissions counselor in 2019, Shantina Addison was promoted to Assistant Director of Graduate and Special Programs Enrollment shortly thereafter. Shantina has found success focusing on connecting with students of millennial and younger generations and helping guide them toward their career goals. As part of her MBA studies at Daemen, Shantina has conducted research on how to better recruit underrepresented communities. She is on course to graduate with her MBA this December and hopes to become an adjunct professor to make a difference in students’ higher education journeys and give back by sharing her experiences.

Outside of her responsibilities at Daemen, Shantina is actively involved in personal development groups and her church. She has been recruited to speak at youth and women’s empowerment conferences in the region, as well as panels for her alma mater, Medaille College.

First Job: 

At 15 years old I was a Sales Associate at a Retail Department Store in the Galleria Mall.

Greatest Professional Win:

The most outstanding professional achievement I have experienced thus far has been working in higher education. I feel privileged to work in a field that affords students the opportunity to achieve academic excellence while finding their voices and transitioning to the next phases in their lives. It is gratifying to be a minority woman working in a field where black and brown students do not always see a representation of themselves in college administration.

Best Piece of Professional Advice:

The advice I would offer to a young professional is to strive to be a proactive thinker. As you evolve in your career, you will experience different circumstances that are not always ideal, and you may have to deal with personalities that are not especially pleasant. However, these experiences do not have to shape your thinking and your actions. If we shift our thinking to be proactive and not reactive to what is happening around us, we can be led by integrity instead of emotion.

Community Engagement:

  • Daemen’s ALHANA (African, Latinx, Hispanic, Asian, Native American) program

Thoughts on Living and Working in Buffalo Niagara:

Because Buffalo is so “intimate,” it is easy to navigate the region. The commute times are minimal, making it appealing to work in the Suburbs and/or the City. You can get anywhere in 30 minutes tops, a luxury that larger cities do not have.

On Being a BN360 Spotlight Professional:

It has been a very enriching and humbling experience. It’s rewarding to be noticed and held in the same regard as so many amazing and talented young professionals in the area.

2020 Takeaway:

The most important lesson that I learned this past year was never taking anyone or anything for granted. This year really put into perspective the people, things, and relationships that are the most meaningful to me. Before the pandemic, I found myself taking on too many tasks, which interfered with the time I had with family and loved ones. I used to be concerned about minute things that do not really matter in the grand scheme of things. Now I am more intentional in nurturing the deep connections I share with those I love, regardless of my hectic schedule.

Top 4 Favorites: 

  • Favorite Mural: The Freedom Wall
  • Go-to Buffalo Food: Chicken Wings
  • Best Buffalo Activity/Hobby: Watching the Buffalo Bills!
  • Place you would take someone new to Buffalo:​ Canalside

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