Meet Roscoe, the BN360 Spotlight Professional for December 2020

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is pleased to present the 2020 BN360 Spotlight Professionals.

Each year, BN360 highlights 12 up-and-coming young professionals who strive for professional growth and development, care for their community, and are passionate about the future of the Buffalo Niagara region.

Roscoe Naguit

Assistant Director | Niagara Global Tourism Institute

As a transplant from NYC, Roscoe has called WNY home for almost 20 years. A graduate of Niagara University, he currently serves as the Assistant Director of the Niagara Global Tourism Institute (NGTI). His duties at the NGTI involve oversite of all programs, both operational and financial for each of the Institute’s pillars in Research, Workforce Development, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Prior to the NGTI, Roscoe served as a project coordinator for Siemens and Trane-Buffalo, commercial HVAC firms in the WNY region.

Roscoe also serves as a board member for Leadership Niagara, the WNY National Academic Foundation (NAF), and the Tourism Advisory Board (City of NF).

First Job: 

I worked in foreign exchange trading for a large financial firm. Watching large sums of money move around throughout the day was entertaining at first, but I wanted to look past the numbers and see what all the “zeros” did for the local economy.

Greatest Professional Win:

The opening of TReC, a co-working and business incubator, in downtown Niagara Falls has been my greatest professional success to-date. This was a journey that started 5 years ago as a concept and seeing the space active gives me added hope to what it can provide to the NF community and economy. (

Best Piece of Professional Advice:

“Learn to look beyond what you need “right now” and to build relationships!”

Community Corner:

  • Isaiah 61 Project (NF) – Board Member
  • Leadership Niagara – Board Member
  • Tourism Advisory Board (NF) – Board Member
  • Tourism Career Pathways Program for NF residents

Thoughts on living and working in Buffalo Niagara:

We live, work, and play in an incredibly diverse region, anchored by a wonder of the world, and strengthened by bi-national and Great Lakes economies.

My biggest hope is for us to realize that we are ONE region. Though we are often grouped into counties, our cities bring something unique to the table that makes WNY such a complete place to live.

On Being a BN360 Spotlight Professional:

It’s truly an honor and a testament to the collaboration that takes place throughout our region. I am a person who found WNY through education but learned to call it “home” because of the people.

I hope to be able to use this immense platform to highlight impactful individuals and organizations who have helped the NGTI throughout the years, but also those who have worked tirelessly to make sure that progress and opportunity throughout our region are realized through our communities.

Top 5 Favorites: 

  • Favorite Mural: Art Alley (Niagara Falls)
  • Best Buffalo Hidden Gem: Homegrown Bistro (Orchard Park)
  • Go-to Buffalo Food: Chicken finger sub (Jaco’s Pizzeria – Buffalo Ave in Niagara Falls)
  • Best Buffalo Activity/Hobby: Tonawanda Rails to Trails
  • Place you would take someone new to Buffalo:​ Niagara Falls/Niagara Gorge Trail


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