Enjoying a Good Time For a Good Cause

BN360’s Happy Hour for a Cause events support area non-profits

Buffalo Niagara 360 (BN360) – the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s young professionals program – is dedicated to networking, leadership development and community engagement in Western New York.

BN360 creates an inclusive and collaborative network of resources that can empower talented individuals to achieve their goals for professional growth and success in Buffalo Niagara.

As part of BN360’s commitment to community engagement, we created the Happy Hour for a Cause series of networking events. At each event, a local non-profit is chosen as the recipients of the proceeds from the evening.



During the 2016/2017 season we hosted four happy hours supporting:

Targeting specific needs.

Often the Happy Hour for a Cause events support specific programs. For example, at the Bank of America sponsored event for Say Yes Buffalo, we raised funds to support an internship program. The money funded a Say Yes intern at the Darwin Martin House, giving another student an opportunity to gain important on-the-job experience.

Connecting with local non-profits

The Happy Hour for a Cause events are not only an opportunity to raise money, but also engage young professionals in the work of area non-profits. This year’s events have recruited financial literacy teachers for Junior Achievement and educated young professionals on the work the National Federation for Just Communities (NFCJ) of Western New York is doing to overcome racism and discrimination through advocacy and community involvement.


The Happy Hour for a Cause series allows young professionals to both give back to the community and learn more about the non-profits working to make a difference in the region. To learn more about the program and how to get involved, email Liz Benkovich at

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