BN360 Spotlight Blog: 5 Major Keys to Success For 2017

So it’s a new year, and often with a new year comes resolutions that people look to accomplish. Whether you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, start a business for the first time or even looking to leave your “9-5” to pursue full time entrepreneurship, the road ahead can indeed be a challenging one. The great news is that despite the challenges, success is not only attainable for you this year but almost a guarantee with certain actionable habits.

Understand that the results you are looking for will be predicated on the effort you put in. In studying the habits of highly successful people, many traits stood out but I would like to share a few that I believe will allow you to have the best year ever.


  • For me this is number one on my list. When I decided to dedicate my life to giving back, that’s when my life completely changed for the better. There’s something in giving that provides a sense of true satisfaction that you can’t find with many of things. Find something to give your time, talent and/or treasure to. Whether it’s to a charity that you are passionate about, a local non-profit who can use the resources to do work in the community, or even from being a consistent tither to your church or religious institution, the world is just a better place when we lift as we climb. Studies also show that there are many health benefits to giving. Giving has been associated with lowering your blood pressure, stress levels, increasing your self-esteem and even living a longer life. Who wants to be an old, miserable grump? Not me, and I’m sure you don’t, either. So GIVE, and give responsibly.


  • This is one that I cannot stress enough (and one that I have to constantly remind myself of), especially for my fellow millennials. Practicing good money habits will put you in a position to have options. And with options comes FREEDOM! But sometimes we delay our path to freedom by making silly money mistakes. So choose to do things a little different this year when it comes to your finances that you didn’t do in 2016. Look at investing. Most of us as millennials spend a good portion of our time on social media, but what about owning stock in the company? I spent so much of my time always on Facebook, but when my mentor showed me how to actually invest in Facebook stock, it was a game changer. Also, pay your debts. There’s no worse feeling than to have the grey cloud of debt hovering over your head. Develop a plan on how you can eliminate your debt, stick to the plan and you/we (because I’m speaking to myself as well) can be out debt in no time.

3.) AVOID MEDIOCRITYBN360 January Spotlight Professional

  • This has become one of the core values that I live by. Maybe it’s my competitive nature. Maybe it’s my desire to be the best at whatever I do. Pick your poison, but make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. My wife always tells me how you do something is how you do everything. So be consistent in your quest to be the best because inconsistency is transferable. A wise man once said that the only person who remembers the guy who came in second place, is the guy who came in second place. Be phenomenal at what you do, or be forgotten.


  • There’s an African proverb that says “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I can almost guarantee that you will not find anyone who became a success on their own. Find a community of like-minded individuals who can help you along your journey. One of the many great things that I love about the internet is that there are so many different digital platforms for you find your tribe. Facebook and LinkedIn offers some of the best ways for you to create your virtual tribe. But if you are the type that prefers personal interaction with people, then join a professional networking group. Western New York has many great organizations, including BN360 and the Buffalo Urban League Young Professionals (shameless plug), where you have the opportunity to network, participate in service activities and build yourself on both the personal and professional level.


  • This is something that should become part of your everyday lifestyle. Each morning focus on the list of things that you are grateful for and let those things become your WHY. Your WHY will fuel your passion to succeed. Understand that challenges will certainly arise. But by focusing on your WHY and being grateful for your blessings, your challenges will pale in comparison to your triumphs. I would even suggest being grateful for your setbacks. For me, they were always character builders. Plus they showed me ways in which not to do things. Always remember that a setback is a setup for a comeback. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

So now is the time to get busy. At the core of your success lies the amount of discipline and consistency you put forward. My challenge for everyone is for you not to go into 2018 with the same resolutions you have for 2017. Set your goals, attack those goals and watch how this year becomes the best year of your life.


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