Mike Spong

Study Reveals CEO’s Confident With Current Business Climate

The numbers don’t lie, confidence among Buffalo business leaders is up significantly compared to where it was ten years ago. Roughly 100 Partnership members listened to Dr. Don Levy reveal the results of the Business Leaders survey conducted by the Siena College Research Institute. They later heard from Buford Sears, KeyBank President WNY Market and Art Wingerter, President of Univera Healthcare.

WBFO Talks Tourism and Transportation in 2017 Advocacy Agenda Unveiling

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s 2017 Advocacy Agenda was also featured in an article by WBFO with a focus first on tourism dollars and then shifting to the need for more regional connectivity through transportation infrastructure. The agenda pushes two metro rail extensions; one to the University at Buffalo’s North Campus and the other south to Buffalo’s cobblestone district.