Barrett Erbe

Manufacturers Council April Meeting

The Partnership’s Manufacturers Council had its third meeting of the season late last month as member manufacturers gathered to discuss private sector best practices in several areas of workforce development – recruitment, advancement, and apprenticeships. The main feature of the meeting was a panel discussion with three Council members, offering accounts of successful practices at their companies:

Impacts of $15 Minimum Wage

The Partnership has been quite vocal about opposing a $15 minimum wage in New York State, and for good reason. Drastically increasing the minimum wage would make it much more difficult for employers to retain their workforce, which is already a challenge for many key industries in Western New York. In response to the proposed increase, the BNP has joined on as a coalition member of the Minimum Wage Reality Check group.

Zehnder Rittling Opens Its Doors

Scott Pallotta, and his team of about 150 employees at Zehnder Rittling, hosted two exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours last week.  The two groups, comprised of Dream It, Do It (DIDI) students and participants in our Manufacturers Council Tour Series, were fascinated by innovate techniques for manufacturing heating and cooling systems.