A path to 32

Back in 2010, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership kicked off the “Remember in November” campaign – an effort to “flip” control of the NYS Senate from Democrat to Republican.

We made that choice not because of partisan politics, but because of geographic struggles that our state continues to deal with: Upstate versus Downstate.

14 billion graphicIn 2009 and 2010, all 3 branches of New York state government were in control of NYC Democrats.

During this time, taxes and fees were raised $14 BILLION (yep…with a B) and Upstate was facing an economic downturn not seen since the Great Depression.

We were successful in 2010, and the past 4 years have shown improvement due to a bi-partisan approach to government because the Senate was back in Upstate, Republican control.

However, there’s still a lot of work to do in New York to improve our business climate.

The list of good has started to right the “bad” of 09-10:  NYS senate map

  • getting rid of the 18a energy tax
  • the 2% property tax cap
  • proceeds
  • UB2020
  • UI/Worker’s Comp reform
  • the manufacturer’s tax cuts
  • estate tax reform
  • the Brownfield Cleanup Program extension
  • Historic Property Tax Credit

This list is just a small sample of good policy and economic development opportunities that would have been nothing more than a pipe dream under the Senate leadership in 09-10.

In 2014, there’s a push to regain control of the Senate by Bill De Blasio-led NYC liberals who have pushed Governor Cuomo to the left, serving to threaten much of the progress that has been made these last four years. (Check out De Blasio’s latest anti-business initiative for background.)

The Partnership has once again committed to keeping the Upstate-friendly Republican Conference in control of the Senate.

We will be working with business groups across the state to ensure that special interest money is kept from empowering a Senate that will raise taxes and fees, impose employer mandates that drive up the cost of doing business, and ignore the needs of Upstate.

I hope you’ll join us in our efforts to keep Upstate representation in Albany and ensure that the progress we’ve made towards improving New York’s business climate continues!

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