Partnership Hosts Forum on Green Code Implementation

On Wednesday, February 22, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Development Advisory Council hosted officials from the City of Buffalo for an informational forum on the recently approved Green Code zoning legislation. This forum focused upon the new approvals processes that projects within the City must navigate under the code. It featured presentations from staff from the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning as well as the City’s implementation consulting team.


The format and content of the meeting targeted design and development professionals who most frequently are utilizing the code and stepping projects through the city’s approvals process. The presentations included an overview of the new code, examples of how various projects would be subject to the code and took questions from those in attendance.

More than 80 professionals in the industry participated in the meeting and found it to be a helpful first introduction to how the Green Code is going to function in practice.


“The Partnership’s forum on the Green Code was a great resource for myself and my team,” according to John Doster, Principal Architect at Architectural Resources. “It was an opportunity for us to bring several members of our design team to ensure that we were up to speed on the new code to effectively serve our clients.”

The City also identified areas of the code that are still under development. For example, larger development projects will be required to conduct a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) study as a part of gaining planning board approval. The requirements of a TDM are still being developed.


For more information on the Green Code, please visit the city’s Green Code website. Zoning maps and code chapters are available on the Unified Development Ordinance Page. In addition, the city’s online GIS system allows users to view specific parcel information, including the zoning regulations that apply.





For further information, please contact Partnership Senior Director of Economic Development, Dan Leonard at