New Report Details Transforming Electrical Grid

Buffalo Power Grid StatisticIt’s no secret – New York’s power grid is old. Over 80% of New York’s high-voltage transmission lines went into service before 1980. As outlined in our 2018 Advocacy Agenda, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership supports upgrading New York’s aging power grid and investing in energy infrastructure to help meet our economic goals. As the economic landscape of the Buffalo Niagara region continues to evolve, the importance of affordable, reliable energy remains a constant necessity – which depends, in large part, on the state of our energy grid.  

New York’s energy grid is the focus of Power Trends 2018, an annual report produced by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).  Released last month, the report assesses the impact and implications of current technology, policy and economic forces on the state’s power grid. A member of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, NYISO manages and monitors the flow of energy across more than 11,000 miles of transmission lines in New York State.  

The report serves as a timely reminder that our state’s power grid is rapidly transforming. Energy consumption and demand rates are changing and grid operation is becoming progressively more complicated due to the growing diversity of resources used to meet consumer needs.  

Power Trends 2018 takes a closer, detailed look at current and emerging trends and how they are impacting the grid and electricity market, including: 

  • Shifting consumer expectations 
  • Changing energy usage 
  • Changing generation resources 
  • Bolstering the resiliency of the bulk power system  

To read Power Trends 2018 and learn more about New York’s power grid and the role it plays in economic development across the state, click here. 

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