LNG program will bring energy to New York’s economy

The Partnership is proud to announce that we can cross another one of our top priorities off the do-list list. Earlier this week, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) finally outlined its program to allow the construction and operation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities in New York.

For far too long, New York has been the only state in the country without an LNG program, forcing New Yorkers to miss out on the real economic opportunity that LNG offers.

The Partnership has been pushing the DEC to finalize its LNG regulations for the last three years as a top economic development item on our Regional Agenda.

In fact, the Partnership is a founding member of the LNG for NY Coalition – a group of business, environmental and health advocacy groups united in the common belief that LNG is good for New Yorkers.

With this weeks’ announcement by the DEC, New York is now finally open to the economic, health and environmental benefits of LNG.

The dispensing and storage of LNG in New York will help the trucking industry take better advantage of cheaper and cleaner fuel.

highwayMany of America’s top companies, including Partnership members, are in the process of transitioning their fleets to operate on natural gas. Businesses making the switch include UPS, Verizon, FedEx and AT&T.

Using natural gas as transportation fuel helps companies control costs, considering that natural gas is significantly less expensive than traditional transportation fuels, even at today’s lower fuel prices.

However, the economic opportunities of a LNG program in New York go beyond the benefits to the trucking industry.

LNG in New York will spur the creation of thousands of jobs (from manufacturing jobs to construction and station operator jobs) as firms work to support these newly developed infrastructure needs.

With storage and dispensing facilities in New York, we will no longer miss out on the economic benefits that come with contributing to the LNG supply chain.

LNG is both clean and safe, and will not only be a boost to New York’s economy, but its environment.

LNG emission levels are far lower than traditional vehicle fuels, including the reduction of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and particulate matter by as much as 90 percent. Encouraging the use of LNG over gasoline and diesel fuel promotes the use of abundant domestic energy sources, and will help curb our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

The Partnership commends the DEC for finalizing its LNG permitting program. We look forward to continuing to work with state leaders to remove barriers for businesses and increase our region’s economic competitiveness.

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