Federal Government Already Protecting Broadband Consumer Data

New legislation is circulating in Albany (S.5603/A.7191) that would establish unnecessary consent requirements on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) related to information they receive from their subscribers.  We believe this is an overreaction to recent congressional action, which repealed a federal law that never went into effect. It also misleads the public into believing there are currently no safeguards to protect consumers.

New Yorker’s have the right to strong and uniform protections when it comes to online data. Providing such protections is essential as the internet has become much more integrated into the workings of our economy. That protection currently exists at the federal level and serves consumers well. Creating two sets of competing privacy requirements for ISPs to follow – one federal and one state – is not only duplicative, but harmful to the work ISPs do every day to invest in and build out high-speed broadband networks essential to employers across the state.

We are advocating against the passage of this bill.  You can read our memorandum in opposition by clicking here.