BNP Advocacy Insider – March 2021


NYS Budget Watch 

The New York State Legislature and Governor Cuomo have less than 30 days to strike an on-time budget agreement.  The sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo and the resulting Attorney General’s investigation, along with the debate over the Governor’s expanded authority because of the pandemic, will only complicate budget negotiations.  The BNP has made clear where we stand on the Governor’s budget proposal. 


Virtual Legislative Lunch  

The BNP’s budget priorities were outlined as part of our Virtual Legislative Lunch.  The event brought BNP members together with more than two dozen federal, state and local elected officials for an informative and timely discussion as the government response to the pandemic continues.  We also reviewed the BNP’s 2021 Advocacy Agenda. 

You can watch the full event here. 


BNP Welcomes Back Schumer 

New U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer joined the BNP for our first Capital Conversation event of the year.  Schumer provided an update on the on the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as his thoughts on relief legislation moving forward.   The Majority Leader also discussed his Endress Frontiers Act (EFA) legislation and how its passage could benefit Buffalo Niagara.  M&T Bank Chairman and CEO Rene Jones joined the conversation to highlight why the bank supports the EFA.  

Watch the full evenhere. 


DC Debates COVID-19 Relief Package 

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan is another step closer to reality.  The U.S. Senate passed the President’s plan strictly along party lines after a marathon voting session.  The Senate did not include an increase in the federal minimum wage as the President had wanted.  The wage hike was included in what the U.S. House of Representatives passed roughly a week ago, so the Senate measure must now go back to the House for approval before reaching the President’s desk for signature.   

Majority Leader Schumer announced that under the Senate bill, New York will receive $100 billion in state and local aid including $12.5 billon to the state and  $350 million to Buffalo.   


Urge Congress to Prioritize an Infrastructure Package  

Join the BNP and business organizations around the country in asking Congress to enact a fiscally and environmentally responsible infrastructure package that stimulates the economy and improves the quality of life for every American.  The lack of federal infrastructure funding is threatening our competitiveness and quality of life here in WNY and across the country. To join the effort, click here

The BNP has joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Bipartisan Policy Center and over 200 diverse organizations in calling for enactment of comprehensive, bipartisan legislation before July 4, 2021 that will: 

  • Repair and update our crumbling infrastructure
  • Stimulate our economy and create middle-class sustaining jobs
  • Address climate change
  • Promote fiscally and environmentally responsible policies
  • Improve federal project approvals 
  • Address the digital divide

Learn more and join the movement here. 


GLMCC & UU Release 2021 Agendas  

The BNP’s advocacy work is amplified by our leadership roles in both Unshackle Upstate (UU) and the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition (GLMCC).  UU brings together regional chambers and industry groups representing 70,000 companies employing more than 1.5 million people across Upstate New York.  UU is laser focused on achieving reforms in Albany that make Upstate a stronger place to do business.  Read UU’s 2021 Advocacy Agenda here. 

The GLMCC brings together the advocacy power of the BNP and our sister organizations in Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh to support and promote job creating infrastructure investment and federal policies to help drive the Great Lakes region’s long-term economic competitiveness and transformation.  Read the GLMCC’s 2021 Public Policy Goals here. 


Legislation to Watch  

Opposition to the Extended Producer Responsibility Act (NYS) 

The BNP opposes the recently introduced Extended Producer Responsibility Act (S.1185) which would broadly shift responsibility for the recycling of packaging (carton, glass, metal), paper and plastic products from municipalities to producers and manufacturers at an untold cost. 

Learn more and join the opposition here. 


Opposition to Duplicative Airborne Infectious Disease Prevention Mandate (NYS) 

 The BNP opposes a proposal (S.1034/A.2681seeking to enact duplicative and time-consuming regulations on businesses and allow punitive damages against employers already complying with ever-changing state and federal COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Learn more and join the opposition here. 


Opposition to Arbitrary Rent Control Legislation (NYS) 

 The BNP opposes arbitrary rent control legislation that will destabilize local housing choice. Known as the “Good Cause Eviction” bill (S.3082/A.5573), would establish a universal rent control model that will only further disrupt a rental market already reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

 Lean more and join the opposition here. 


Support for Eliminating the Corporate Franchise Tax for All Manufacturers (NYS) 

The BNP supports legislation (S.27/A.3734) that will allow all manufactures, including small entities organized as pass-throughs, to benefit from eliminating the state’s corporate franchise tax.  The tax was eliminated for C-corps manufacturers several years ago, but the reform excluded as many as three-quarters of New York’s manufacturers. 

Lean more and support the effort here. 


Support Vaccine Access for Essential Manufacturing Employees  

While many frontline workers are currently eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccine as part of New York’s 1B classification, essential manufacturing employees are not.  These employees have been working straight through the pandemic, practicing safe working habits while continuing to make the products our economy relies on.   

Tell New York to support vaccine access for essential manufacturing employees now. 

Learn more and support the effort here. 


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