A Compounding Threat: NYS Trusted Traveler Program Removal

Every day the United States Department of Homeland Security’s removal of New York State from the Trusted Traveler Program (Global Entry, FAST, SENTRI, and NEXUS) continues to cost our region money and erode a hard-fought market confidence that took years to create. Since the removal’s announcement on February 6, 2020, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has strongly recommended that the federal and state government work together in good faith to find a more equitable solution.

2/10/2020: Buffalo Niagara Partnership letter of opposition to Chad Wolf, Acting DHS Secretary

The Partnership recognizes that international border safety is a serious and complex issue. As this removal continues, we stress how important it is for both the federal and state government to consider financial implications compounding with every passing day of this removal, especially as the 2020 tourism season approaches.

2/21/2020: Binational letter of opposition to Chad Wolf, Acting DHS Secretary

Binational collaboration has made North America the world’s most competitive region. Canada and the United States have worked together to create a multi-billion cross border economy that is only projected to grow. The Trusted Traveler Program removal puts our countries’ shared interests at risk. In keeping with our long-standing cooperative tradition, the Partnership, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce jointly voiced opposition to the Trusted Traveler Program removal, citing serious economic concerns, on behalf of thousands of our collective members.

Cross Border Economy by the Numbers
  • Our bi-national region encompasses a population of over eight million people and generates over $400 billion in gross domestic product
  • Over 680,000 jobs in New York State directly dependent on trade and investment with Canada
  • The Niagara region in Canada is home to 930 companies generating $4.5 billion CAD of direct trade with the United States, supporting 33,450 jobs
  • 40% of trucks crossing the Peace Bridge rely on the Fast Program
  • 25% of cars crossing the Peace Bridge rely on the NEXUS Program, with that percentage increases during tourism season
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Join us in asking DHS to suspend its decision and protect our local job creators until a solution can be reached with New York State.
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