A 5 Pillar Focus in 2017 for the Great Lakes Metro Chamber

With the Presidential election behind us and President-elect Trump organizing his cabinet, the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition came together to strategically reexamine and further develop its priorities. As a founding member of the Coalition, the Partnership joins nearly 40 chambers of commerce from Great Lakes states, to support economic development in the Great Lakes region. Each year, we advocate for policy initiatives that will ensure the competitiveness of the 12 states and 2 provinces that make up the group.

Similar to years past, the Coalition will focus on the following five pillars in 2017:

  1. Transportation Infrastructure – to maintain and improve vital trade corridorsBorder Crossings and Trade Between the U.S. and Canada
  2. Border Crossings and Trade Between the U.S. and Canada – to securely and steadily improve the cross-border movement of goods and people
  3. Base Load Energy Development – to encourage development of regional resources in natural gas, nuclear energy and clean coal
  4. Immigration of Highly Skilled Talent – to adopt programs, policies and laws that encourage highly skilled immigrants to locate in the ethnically diverse Great Lakes region
  5. Water Quality in the Great Lakes Region – to preserve and enhance the quality of the Great Lakes, the region’s defining geographic asset

While most of the pillars remain the same, there is one marked change. The Coalition chose to expand the border crossings category to include trade. As the efficient movement of goods and people across the border indirectly implies a support of bi-national trade, the Coalition wanted to explicitly state this in its agenda.

With the five pillars set, the Coalition will now work to identify specific items to advocate for in 2017, which will include the development of sustained infrastructure funding mechanism.

Moving into 2017, the Coalition will continue to advocate for the issues most important to the Great Lakes region. Through its focused collaboration and well-constructed advocating, we can be successful in continuing this region’s economic success.

Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition
Would you like to get involved in our federal advocacy? Contact Catherine Muth to learn how.


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