Regional Priority Projects

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership continues its collaboration with the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls and the counties of Erie and Niagara to identify regionally significant projects for our state and federal representatives to support.

Agriculture Industrial Park with Complete Streets & Intermodal Connectivity
Erie County

This project will utilize existing Class 1 rail infrastructure and be constructed with a complete streets design element to better connect Angola’s village center with the nearby industrial corridor job hub. In addition, the construction of the park will boost local agriculture — an industry extremely important to the regional economy.

Cars Sharing Main Street Completion
City of Buffalo

Funding is necessary to rapidly complete the Cars Sharing Main Street initiative to expedite the economic development benefits of returning two-way vehicular traffic to Main Street in downtown Buffalo. Securing the necessary funding incrementally will lead to years of construction and delay efforts to improve the quality of life in downtown Buffalo.

Metro Rail Extension
Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Extending the NFTA Metro Rail to the north and south will better connect people to jobs and stimulate significant redevelopment opportunities. As environmental reviews continue, funding is needed to complete preliminary design work on the northern extension plan which looks to connect Buffalo to the University at Buffalo’s North Campus in Amherst.

Niagara Scenic Parkway – Riverway Phase 2 & Hyde Park Roundabout
City of Niagara Falls

This project will connect Hyde Park Boulevard and the Niagara Scenic Parkway by constructing a new roundabout/intersection, as well as removing all expressway features and replacing existing infrastructure with a two-lane extension of ‘Riverway’ eastward to the new Hyde Park roundabout. Once complete, this project will reclaim hundreds of acres for park use and reroute motorists back onto the city’s street network spurring redevelopment opportunities throughout Niagara Falls.

Olcott Harbor Breakwater
Niagara County

Constructing a detached outer harbor breakwater near the existing federal piers where Eighteen Mile Creek meets Lake Ontario will help mitigate wave damage which has created dangerous boating conditions and rendered parts of the harbor unusable for docking. The project will improve harbor safety, protect Olcott’s fishing and boating economy, enhance the environment, and allow for economic revitalization including new landside development.

For more information, contact Grant Loomis at or 716-541-1736.