Business Support

Business Intelligence

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is an unmatched resource for the business intelligence that companies need to succeed in Western New York. As a member, you can access a wide range of business information – with the help of a dedicated member services representative – pertaining to the economic climate, market conditions and industry sectors including:

  • Demographics
  • Economic information and statistics
  • Target marketing via business lists
  • Workforce and other regional statistics and indicators
  • Business expansion
  • Employment data

Subject Matter Experts

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is a unique, central point of contact with a team of professionals eager to connect members with the business intelligence they need quickly and easily.

The Partnership team includes experts in:

Logistics & Transportation

Dan Leonard

Business Development

Dan Leonard

Regional Development

Dan Leonard

Workforce Development

Liz Callahan


Catherine Muth


Jeff Conrad


Grant Loomis