BN360 Events

The BN360 year of programming breaks down to 13 events, grouped into 5 series, organized around our main tenants (Networking, Leadership Development and Community Engagement –in case you forgot).  All events are included with membership, except for Happy Hour for a Cause (but you can spring for that since it’s for charity).  The program kicks off in September and ends in June (we break for summer).

If you take advantage of all these events, just think of all the connections you can make, skills you can learn and good you can do…

Series Type

This riveting series discusses the most-talked about topics in the Buffalo Niagara region. From local entrepreneurship to development on our waterfront, this behind-the-scenes program networks professionals with those who are changing the game in our community.

Heighten your leadership skills and strengthen your ability to rise. Young professionals are able to learn the tools and skills to achieve professional and personal goals. This is where leaders cultivate their professional comprehension and leadership skills.

At each happy hour event, a local non-profit is chosen as the recipient of the proceeds from the evening. This premier event blends networking and causes seamlessly while you support a good cause.

Upcoming BN360 Events

2017 BN360 Happy Hour for A Cause