Regional Priority Projects

The Partnership’s list of priorities is released annually and details regionally significant development, infrastructure and planning projects for our state and federal representatives to support in close collaboration with the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls and the counties of Erie and Niagara.

2017 Regional Priority Projects

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership continues its collaboration with the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, and the counties of Erie and Niagara to identify regionally significant projects for our state and federal representatives to support. For 2017, the Regional Priority Projects list focuses on critical transportation infrastructure projects with both direct and sustainable economic development impact.

Agriculture Industrial Park with Complete Streets & Intermodal Connectivity

Erie County

This project will utilize existing Class 1 rail infrastructure and be constructed with a complete streets design element to better connect Angola’s village center with the nearby industrial corridor job hub. In addition, the construction
of the park will boost local agriculture – an industry extremely important to the regional economy.

Cars Sharing Main Street Completion

City of Buffalo

Funding is necessary to rapidly complete the Cars Sharing Main Street initiative to expedite the economic development benefits of returning two-way vehicular traffic to Main Street in downtown Buffalo. Securing the necessary funding incrementally will lead to years of construction and delay efforts to improve the quality of life in downtown Buffalo.

Lower Mountain Road/Bond Lake Park Access Improvements

Niagara County

A full reconstruction of 2.7 miles of Lower Mountain Road in Lewiston between Ridge and Townline roads will be designed to improve visibility of, and access to, Bond Lake Park. The area bordering this project is a part of the Regional Bikeway Network, the Niagara Wine Trail and a designated NYS trail in the Niagara River Greenway Plan.

Niagara Scenic Parkway Restoration & Hyde Park Roundabout

City of Niagara Falls

This project constructs a new roundabout intersection and bridge connecting Hyde Park Boulevard with a reconfigured Parkway nearby NYPA’s Power Intakes. This project also removes the expressway features of the Niagara Scenic Parkway, replacing them with a two-lane road between Daly and Hyde Park boulevards which will re-energize the City’s street network, reclaim parkland and provide true access to the Niagara River.

Transit Options Amherst Corridor & Canalside/Cobblestone

Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Securing funding for an Environmental Impact Statement is the next step for both proposed metro-rail expansion projects. Extending the metro-rail will make getting around the Buffalo Niagara region faster and easier, and provide significant transit-oriented development opportunities.

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